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Advantages & Disadvantages of Dentures

Advantages :
- Dentures provide a pleasant, natural looking smile.
- They are extremely durable.
- If well maintained, they should last averagely from five to ten years.
- They can correct problems with speech to chewing, for many patients.
Disadvantages :
- Dentures take a little while to get used to.
- In the first few days, you may encounter speech problems.
- You may suffer from mouth irritation or sores. These are usually caused by your new denture, poor dental hygiene, and not removing your dentures when needed.
- You may only chew at 15-23% efficiency compared to a person chewing with their natural teeth, because the chewing force will not go directly to your bone.
- In the case of a full upper denture, the upper palate is full covered and this will affect your sense of taste.

Repairing your Dentures

If your partial denture breaks, cracks or chips, or if a denture tooth becomes loose, contact our clinics immediately. Do not try to fix it yourself. However, prosthodontist can usually repair a broken denture, often on the same day.
It is especially important to see prosthodontist if your partial denture breaks while you are eating. This sometimes indicates that there has been a change in the fit of the dentures because the underlying tissue has changed. When prosthodontist repairs your denture, he or she will also examine your mouth and check whether your partial denture needs adjustment.

Care for Dentures

1. Regular denture care includes brushing your denture with a denture brush and a denture paste after eating. Dentures can collect plaque and food stains
2. Keep your plastic based dentures in water to avoid drying out and distorting Dentures should be removed at night to give the gums a rest and to reduce the pressure on the underlying bone or as directed by your dentist
3. Dentures can and may break if dropped onto a hard surface, thus be careful when handling them or taking them in or out.

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