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The climate is influenced by seasonal monsoon. There are three main seasons; Rainy (May-October), Winter (November-January) and Summer (February-April). The average low temperature is approximately in low to mid 20 degree Celsius and high temperature in mid 30 degree Celsius.
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is the sole organization at the local authority level responsible for the well-being of Bangkok residents with some financial support from the central government. The Governor is the chief of the city administration, elected by popular vote for a four-year term. The Governor will appoint four deputy governors as executive administrators.

Bangkok is the commercial center of Thailand, as well as Southeast Asia, for imports and exports. There are two important sectors of economy in Bangkok. First, Thailand has been an agricultural country in South East Asia, so agriculture was the main source generating income. Now the expansion of the agricultural sector is steadily increasing. During the mid-1980s, agriculture accounted for an average of about 25 percent of GDP, and agricultural commodities accounted annually for over 60 percent of the value of all exports. Second, Tourism has become a main source of revenue, with increasing numbers of visitors coming to Thailand.

During 1782 - 1900, the commencing period of city establishment, Bangkok grew rather slowly. The population then was only 600,000 and urbanized area was about 18 square kilometers. After the Second World War, the city was increasingly populated with rapid urbanization which brought about number of infrastructures and other constructions. The registered population in Bangkok increased from 1.6 million in 1958 to 5.4 million in 1986 and 5.6 million in 1999. The population of Bangkok is now close to 7 million by registered record or about 10 million of daytime population. Most residents in Bangkok are native Thais with around 25% of the city's inhabitants being Chinese or of Chinese descents as well as Indians, Arabs, Malays and Europeans. Most Thais are welcoming and friendly to visitors and thus the alias "Land of smile" is appreciated granted to Thailand.

Bangkok is one of Asia's most important air transport hub, as of 2005 more than 80 airlines served the Bangkok International Airport and over 38,000,000 passengers, 160,000 flights and 700,000 tons of cargo were handled at this airport per year. It was the 18th busiest airport in the world and 2nd busiest in Asia by passenger volume and the 9th busiest in the world and 4th busiest Asia in international passenger volume. Since September 28, 2006 however, Bangkok officially opened Suvarnabhumi Airport (Su-wan-na-poom. Suvarnabhumi Airport has been dubbed the 'Pride of Thailand' due to its architecture. Its 2 parallel runways are connected by the 5 concourses of the main terminal building which is the world's second-largest passenger building after Hong Kong's Chep Lap Kok. The airport features a 134 meter-tall control tower, the tallest in the world and one meter taller than Kuala Lumpur International Airport control tower. Moreover, the Airports of Thailand Plc. (AoT) have announced another terminal within the airport for low-cost airlines to accompany 15 million passengers for the growing use of low-cost airliners. This will be encompassed by phase 2 of the Suvarnabhumi Airport which is expected to begin construction in 3-5 years. In total, the airport hopes to handle as many as 100 million passengers per year.
BTS Sky Train
BTS Sky Train stations can mostly be found in commercial areas of Sukhumvit and Silom, it is fast and safe. The sky train is divided into 2 lines: Sukhumvit line (On Nut Station-Mo Chit Station), and Silom lines (Saphan Taksin Station-National Stadium Station). The sky train has a minimum and maximum fare of 10-40 baht. Tourists may buy 30 day tourist tickets to save money, only 250 baht/10 trips, or day tickets, 100 baht (unlimited trips).
The BTS Tourist Information Centers is open daily from 8.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m. at
the following stations:Siam, Nana and Saphan Taksin. For more information, call: 0-2617-7340 .

BMCL Subway
BMCL Subway is another comfortable and fast transportation choice. The beginning of “Chalerm Ratcha Mongkhon” line is Hua Lum Phong station (also the main train station in Bangkok), total of 18 stations, major stations at: The Queen Sirikit's International Convention and Exhibition Center, Silom, Suan Lumpini, Asoke, Ratchada, Ladprao and Pahonyotin road. The Asoke and Silom stations are connected to the the BTS. There are also "Park & Ride" at Ladprao and Phra Ram 9 Stations. BMCL Subway has a minimum and maximum fare of 10-15 baht (For trial period only)
The BMCL subway is open daily from 06.00 a.m. - 12.00 midnight. For more information, call: 0-2264-5200 .

There are a lot of buses offered in Bangkok going to all places, with a fare starting at 3.5 baht for open air buses. Air-conditioned blue buses have minimum and maximum fares from 8 to 16 baht. Euro II or Orange air-conditioned buses charge 10-20 baht. Air-conditioned microbuses charge a flat fare of 20 baht all routes. For more information call 184 or 0-2246-0973 .
A buses route map is available at bookshops. A free city map can also be picked up at The Bangkok Tourist Division office, Bangkok Tourist Information Booths throughout Bangkok and the TAT office .

Taxis in Bangkok are metered. They charge a minimum of 35 baht, for the first 3 kilometers, and approximately 5 baht per kilometer thereafter.When in Traffice the meter is timed and calculated in the fare.

These three-wheeled 'open-air' motorised taxis are popular for short journeys. Fares must be 1.jpgbargained in advance. Minimum fares, for journeys of up to 3 kilometers, are approximately 30 baht.

There are various types of boat identified in color flags. Boat service on the Chao Phraya River connects Bangkok with the northern neighbouring province of Nonthaburi, starting from the Tha Nam Non Pier and ending at Saphan Taksin Pier (Sathorn).
Boat (no flag) stop at all pier, has a minimum fare of 8 baht.
Rapid boat (orang flag) has a fare of 10 baht all routes.
Express boat (yellow flag) stop at only on crowded and main piers. The Express boat has a fare of 15 baht all routes. After rush hour, these boat are used for tourist purpose. There are guide boats for travellrs with guide to give information about the riverside.
The boat with blue flag, is the fastest stopping only on 3 pier, ThaNamNon Pier, Siriraj Pier and SaphanTaksin (Sathorn) Pier.It has a minimum and maximum fares from 25-35 baht. (For trial period, it just newly had this type)
Boats run daily from 06.00 A.M-06.40 P.M.

Motorcycles Taxi
In rush hours, there is a lot of traffic jam, if your late and want to be on time you can try the motorcycle taxi. Fares must be bargained in advance. Minimum fares are 5 baht. You need to bargin the fare before taking the ride.

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